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Classical cyanotype Classical cyanotype
Price: €9.50

A basic set of chemical ingredients for making cyanotypes sufficient for around 40 A4 prints (depending on means of transferring the working solution on paper).

Film insert 13x18cm Film insert 13x18cm
Price: €8.00

A film insert enabling the use of film in film holders designed for glass plates. Size 13x18cm

Sandarac varnish 500ml Sandarac varnish 500ml
Price: €65.00

Indispensable for ambrotypists, the sandarac varnish provides a perfect method of protecting the delicate surface of an ambrotype against both the atmosphere and mechanical damage.

Varnish sold in 50ml bottles

The Albumen Print - A Practical Guide The Albumen Print - A Practical Guide
Price: €22.00

Probably the most comprehensive guide to the albumen process, covering not only the basics such as lab construction and making an albumen print using one of the standard solutions, but also all the advice necessary for achieving mastery of the process including toning and contrast control, matt albumen printing and the use of developers in the albumen process, not to mention the choice of negative and their influence on the appearance of the final print. The book contains numerous, tested recipes, each illustrated with a photograph produced with its use.

All the methods and recipes in the book have been thoroughly tested in practice in order to eliminate potential errors in recipe reconstruction and to provide the most practical advice to the readers.

Saltprinting starter kit Saltprinting starter kit
Price: €19.00

An opportunity to move back to the very beginning of photography; saltprint, invented by Talbot, was the first method of making prints from photographic negatives. Of course, originally Talbot used paper negatives, now photographic films or even digitally printed transparencies can be used for making prints.

Images printed in this technique are characterized by delicate brown hues and permanence. They tone easily allowing the photographer to obtain a range of colours.

The kit contains

  • 50 ml of sensitizer (an amount sufficient to make about 50 13x18 prints),
  • 20 A5 sheets of paper appropriate for the process,
  • sodium thiosulphate sufficient to make two litres of fixer,
  • sodium chloride necessary for salting the paper
  • saltprinting manual.
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