Kashubian Wedding According to I.Gulgowski

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We are delighted to present the first Polish photographic album consisting entirely of ambrotypes, with an introduction by Krzysztof Jurecki.

"Kashubian Wedding According to I. Gulgowski is an unusual time travel, a journey to the days gone by. It is a photographic tale of old Kashubian customs, described over a hundred years ago by Izydor Gulgowski and brought back to life by Radosław Brzozowski together with the amazing team from Museum: Teodora and Izydor Gulgowski Ethnographic Park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie. It is a trully unique story, told in the same manner in which it could have been told a hundred and fifty years ago; on glass.


"Kashubian Wedding According to I. Gulgowski" resulted from months of preparations, researching sources, studying texts, talking to ethnographers, from weeks of sewing, making paper flowers, not to mention years of wetplate practice crowned with three days of exhausting work for the photographer and the whole team.

During those three days a true Kashubian wedding like one that would have taken place in mid 19th century was recreated and 'documented' together with all the traditional preparations; slaughtering pigs and chicks, engagement, wedding itself as well as the village party. During the three days we told the story of the young couple from the moment they met until the wedding day itself; just as it would have happened a hundred and fifty years ago.


Photographs: Radosław Brzozowski

Text based on "Of Unknown Folk in Germany": Radosław Brzozowski

Introduction: Krzysztof Jurecki

Language: Polish and English


A documentary presenting the creation of the images is available at:  


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