Tween 20 - 10ml

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Tween 20 lowers the surface tension of solutions making it easier for them to penetrate the paper fibres and improving the bond between the light sensitive solution and the paper substrate. One drop of a diluted Tween 20 will radically change the behaviour of the solution coated on the paper surface. It will prove useful in processes such as Vandyke brownprint, cyanotype, kalitype, platinum print and many others in which the paper is sensitized with a single sensitizing solution. It should not be used with processes such as the albumen print and the salt print.

Please note that with some papers, especially the lightly sized ones using the Tween 20 may not only not be necessary but actually may produce adverse results. 

Recommended dilution: 20%

The bottle contains ten mililiters of Tween 20 


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