The Ambrotype - A Practical Guide

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The Ambrotype - A Practical Guide is one of the few comprehensive guides to the magical process of wetplate ambrotype. Over some 120 plus pages it takes the reader through all the issues connecting with shooting ambrotypes, from issues such as the equipment and studio, through the chemistry and procedure described step by step. 

Individual chapters deal with issues such as selecting the photographic equipment for ambrotype work, furnishing and equipping the wetplate studio as well as the choice of necessary chemicals. The process of making wetplate photographs is discussed in detail, taking the reader step by step through issues such as salting the collodion, coating a plate, sensitizing it as well as the exposure, development and fixing of the image itself. Each stage is accompanied by all the necessary recipes along with detailed description how each recipe should be prepared. Each stage of the process is further made easy by dozens of drawings and photographs. For most stages a range of recipes and solutions are given so as to enable the reader to choose the ones they find most suitable. The same is true of the collodion recipes themselves.

There are also numerous recipes for wetplate varnishes as well as detailed directions pertaining to the varnishing and presenting ambrotypes along with ways to blacken the glass plates and alternative ways to protect the delicate image from oxidation. Separate chapters have been devoted to working away from the studio and, for the first time, to hand colouring ambtrotypes. Typical problems occuring while making wetplates have also been discussed.

Needless to say there is also a brief historical introduction and detailed information about all necessary materials.

The book can currently be pre-ordered. It will be available for sale on the 1st of May 2018.


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