Talbotype - the saltprint

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Talbotype – the saltprint is a workshop designed for everyone who not only wants to make prints using this technique, but also to learn to control the contrast and colour of the resulting prints. For the whole two days we will be learning the intricacies of the process so as to get the maximum amount of control over it.

Saltprint is one of the oldest photographic techniques, a sister to calotype. Apparently simple, it nevertheless requires considerable knowledge if you want optimal results and control. It is often associated with brownish hues; not entirely correctly. Considered not to be permanent in its heyday and yet, if processed carefully it matches the permanence of most silver based processes.

During the workshop we will learn:

  • to prepare salted paper using various recipes,
  • to control the image contrast,
  • to sensitize paper using glass rod and hake brush,
  • to expose the print and process it in order to obtain the desired permanence and tonality,
  • to make stabilized prints following the oldest method,
  • to tone saltprints.

The programme covers:

  • a theoretical introduction,
  • presentation of sample saltprints,
  • preparation of salted paper using different recipes,
  • practical exercises in sensitizing paper,
  • preparing the negative (both a traditional large format negative and a digital one),
  • practical work with practice negatives,
  • practical exercises in controlling contrast,
  • comparing the results obtained by using different recipes,
  • practical toning of saltprints,
  • opportunity to make own photographs using the school studio,
  • opportunity to print digital negatives from participants’ own images (3pcs)
  • matting and presenting the pictures.

The price includes all the necessary materials and equipment, particularly:

  • all chemicals required for the process, including toners,
  • access to all required tools such as hake brushes and glass rods,
  • watercolour papers appropriate for the technique,
  • workshop negatives,
  • printing large format negatives from digital files (3 pcs)
  • UV light sources,
  • copying frames,
  • a fully equipped darkroom,
  • hot drinks (tea and coffee).

Duration: 16 hrs (Saturday and Sunday)

Maximum number of participants: 6

Instructor: Radosław Brzozowski

Language: English and Polish

Location: Tricity School of Photography, Świętojańska 100/6, Gdynia, Poland

Nearest airport: Gdańsk Rębiechowo, Poland

Price: 190 euros.

Date: 24-25 October 2020


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