Shen Hao TFC 45 IIB

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4x5 inch is without doubt the most popular size of all view cameras, a format that offers an excellent combination of the extreme quality of large format negative and possibilities offered by the flexible camera construction with the comfort and mobility achieved thanks to the small size and weight of the camera itself. Compact cameras with construction facilitating their easy transportation and work outdoors, such as Shen Hao TFC45 IIB are especially popular.

Shen Hao TFC 45 IIB is one of the most interesting designs from this manufacturer; a camera guaranteeing a stable, sturdy construction despite its limited weight and at the same time offering a wide range of shifts, tilts and swings of both standards thus providing excellent photographic potential. Using aluminium alloy made it possible to bring down the weight in comparison with other similar constructions. Thanks to the non-folding design and very small minimal bellows extention, the camera is especially well suited for use with wide angle lenses and for photographing architecture. The design doesn't require the camera to be folded for transportation which makes it possible to limit the camera size and weight at the same time maintaining a wide range of movements of each standard. 

Shen Hao TFC45 IIB means:

Extreme quality and durability

The camera was made with extreme care of detail and durability, something Shen Hao has been famous for doing for years, using materials guaranteeing extreme durability and sturdiness: aluminium alloy and black walnut. Despite its limited size and weight all elements used in its construction are characterized by extreme resilience and the whole construction offers sturdiness and rigidity even if relatively heavy lenses are used or if the camera is used in adverse weather conditions.

Compact construction

Despite the extreme rangeof movements of both standards and sturdy construction, the camera is relatively light (only 1,7kg) and compact (230x190x95mm), which could be achieved because it is not a typical folding camera. Despite this fact, the camera features a sturdy handle and once compacted can easily be carried in hand, without a backpack or bag just as we would carry a small briefcase.

Judging the size of a large format camera and of the whole set used to take pictures with it we should consider the fact that while the body itself might be larger than a DSLR, the lenses are usually considerably smaller than those used with DSLR's. Thus a backpack containing Shen Hao TFC45 IIB along with three lenses and 4 holders will in all likelihood be smaller and lighter than one containing a DSLR with three lenses.

Extreme photographic potential

Shen Hao TFC45 IIB is one of the most interesting view cameras available in the market. Unlike most typical field cameras it does not fold which means the camera is ready for work almost immediately once it is taken out of the bag. There is no need to remove the lens for transportation eithe, the 'cube' needs not be unfolded before photographs can be taken. Apart from ease of work, this design offers a very wide range of shifts, swings and tilts in many cases comparable with that offered by much larger studio cameras. This means that Shen Hao TFC45-IIB us a natural choice of professionals and advanced amateurs who want to enjoy the unlimited freedom of creating images of extreme quality, especially if they intend to use large format lenses or photograph architecture which Shen Hap TFC45-IIB is ideally suited to. This camera, one of the lightest in the Shen Hao range offers an extreme range of movements of both standards as well as a very short minimal bellows extention. 

The potential of the camera is increased considerably by the fact that the negative size can easily be changed from 4x5 inch to 9x12 cm by a simple change of the holder used. In addition, roll cassettes effectively turning it into a medium format or panoramic camera are available which means that buying this camera the user will effectively have a three in one without the need to buy additional optics. Regardless of whether we are using sheet film or 120 type roll film along with a roll cassette, we will have the full range of movements of a flexible view camera at our disposal. 

Unquestionable style and beauty

Thanls to using materials that are both durable and beautiful; seasoned walnut and aluminium alloy along with a careful design, the Shen Hao TFC IIB is not only an extremely functional, practical camera, but also an object of beauty, immediately drawing attention to its unusual appearance. Of course, beauty isn't the most important, but then we are all sensitive to it.

Technical data

Camera type: field camera, non-foldable

Bellows extention: 50-190mm

Weight/measurements: 1,7kg, 230x190x95mm

Materials: black walnut and aluminium alloy

Movements of the front standard: upwards shift: 45mm, downwards shift: 25mm, sideways shift: 36mm in both directions, swing: 45° in both directions, tilt: 20°in both directions.

Movements of the rear standard: upwards shift: 50mm

Film size: 4x5 inch

Delivery time for this camera is approx. 4 weeks.

The lens shown in the pictures is not part of the set and is not for sale. 


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