Shen Hao PTB45-B

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4x5 inch is without doubt the most popular size among all view cameras, a format that offers a perfect combination of exquisite image quality provided by a flexible view camera and LF negative with the comfort and mobility resulting from the small size and weight of the camera itself. The so called field cameras, small foldable and compact in construction, perfect for outdoors work are among the most popular, especially if their portability doesn't result from limited photographic potential. 

The Shen Hao PTB45-B is among the most interesting designs offered by this manufacturer, a camera guaranteeing stable, sturdy construction despite its limited weight, combined with a wide range of movements of each standards and almost unparalelled photographic potential. Using alluminium alloy rather than steel has enabled the manufacturers to further limit the weight of the camera compared to other similar constructions. Using a screw to focus the camera combined with changeable position of the dront standard has on one hand made further limiting the weight and size of the possible (it is the lightest of all Shen Hao cameras and one of the lightest in production worldwide) and on the other made it possible to focus the camera easily and with great precision. 

Shen Hao PTB45-B means:

Top quality and durability

The camera is made with utmost care, something Shen Hao has been famous for for years, from materials such as black walnut and aluminium alloy which guarantee maximum durability. Despite its limited size and weight, all elements are extremely strong and the whole construction offers stability and rigidity even when relatively heavy lenses are used as well as in adverse weather conditions.

Compact construction

Desipte the impressive range of movements of the front standard accompanied by a considerable range of movements of the rear one and the camera's stability and sturdiness, it is very light (only 1,4kg) and compact (170x180x90mm). This was achieved by using the folding construction so typical of field cameras. Once folded, the camera becomes a handy little cube with a handle and can  be carried without a bag or backpack in the same way we would normally carry a small briefcase. It is one of the smallest and most compact 4x5 inch cameras and at the same time the most compact 4x5 inch camera from Shen Hao. As such it will be perfect for travel photography, for example hiking in the mountains though the wide range of movements, especially of the front standard along with a considerable bellows extension make it a universal tool that will prove excellent in photographing topics such as architecture or portrait. 

Judging the size of a large format camera as well as that of a full set used for taking pictures with it we should remember that, while the body itself may be larger than an SLR, most lenses are considerable smaller than those used for SLR's. As a result a bag containing a Shen Hao along with three lenses and four fulm holders will in all likelihood be smaller than a bag containing an SLR with a similar range of lenses.

Outstanding photographic potential

Shen Hao PTB45-B is a model example of a perfect compromise between huge photographic potential and a compact form as well as accessible price. Though it is a typical field camera, folding and easy to transport, it offers an outstanding range of shifts, swings and tilts, especially of the front standart. This makes the Shen Hao PTB45-B a natural choice of photographers who want to enjoy creative freedom while producing top notch image and at the same time pay attention to both weight and size of the equipment used. One feature of the camera that needs to be mentioned here is a very short minimal bellows extention which enables the photographer to use wide angle lenses used particularly in architectural photography.

The fact the film size can easily be changed between 4x5 inch and 9x12 cm by a simple exchange of film holders is an added bonus. In addition, roll cassettes enabling the photographer to use 120 type film thus converting the camera into a medium format or panoramic camera are also available. This way we can literally have three cameras in one without the necessity to buy additional optics. Irrespective of whether we are using sheet film or roll film with a roll cassette, all the time we can use the extreme flexibility offered by this unique construction. 

Unquestionable beauty and style

Thanks to the use of exceptionally beautiful and durable materials such as seazoned black walnut and alluminium alloy combined with caredul design, Shen Hao PTB45-B is not only an extremely functional piece of equipment but also an unquestionably beautiful camera that will immedaitely draw attention with its unique appearance. We know that looks aren't that important but then, we are all sensitive to beauty.

Technical data:

Camera type: folding field camera

Bellows extention: 45-390

Weight and dimensions: 1,4kg, 170x180x90mm

Materials: Black walnut and aluminium alloy

Movements of front standard: upwards shift: 45mm, downwards shift: 35mm, sideways shift: 38mm in each direction, swing: 60°in each direction, tilt: 60° in each direction

Movements of rear standard: swing: 30° in each direction, forward tilt: 
90°, backward tilt: 35°

Film size: 4x5 inch

Delivery time: approx. 4 weeks

The lens shown in the photographs is not part of the set and is not for sale.


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