Shen Hao HZX45-IIA

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4x5 inch is, beyond doubt, the most popular size od all view cameras, a format that offers and excellent combination of the extreme image quality obtained thanks to using a large format negative as well as of the greatest photographic potential of the flexible camera construction with the comfort and mobility resulting from the limited size and weight of the cameraitself. These days, among view cameras the most popular are the so called field cameras, folding or extremely compact, light and handy, well adjusted to working in the field. Such as Shen Hao HZX45-IIA.

Shen Hao HZX is one of the most advanced constructions from Shen Hao, a camera that guarantees a solid, stable construction in spite of its limited weight at the same time offering a wide range of movements of each standard and providing unrivalled photographic potential. Unlike many folding cameras, the construction is very flexible with numerous shifts, swings and tilts available for both standards and thus it can be seen as a real rival to advanced studio cameras.

Shen Hao HZX45-IIA means:

High quality and durability

The camera has been made with utmost care and precision which Shen Hao has been famous for for years, from materials that guarantee durability: black walnut and copper alloy. Despite its small size and weight, all the elements used in its construction offer sturdiness and durability and the whole construction will remain rigid even when heavy lenses are used or the camera has to work in adverse weather conditions. 

Compact construction

Despite the extreme range of shifts, swings and tilts of both standards and the sturdy construction of the camera itself, it is relatively lighweight (2,4kg) and compact (170x170x100mm), which was achieved thanks to the camera's folding construction. Once folded, the camera will make a handy cube that can be carried even without a bag thanks to the strong handle it is equipped with the same way we carry a small briefcase.

Judging the size and weight of a large format camera and of the whole set used to take pictures by its means, we need to remember that even if the camera body itself is slightly larger than an SLR, the lenses used along with it are usually much more compact than those used with SLRs. Thus the actual bag containing the Shen Hao HZX45-IIA along with three lenses and for film holders will in all likelihood still be smaller and lighter than a bag containing a DSLR with similar equipment.

Extreme photographic potential

Shen Hao HZX45-IIA is one of the most advanced view cameras currently in production. Even though it is a typical field camera, folding and easy to transport, it also offers an extreme range of swings, shifts and tilts that few other cameras offer and which is, in many cases comparable to those offered by studio cameras. It is a camera that knows no compromise, a camera in which everything is subordinated to providing sufficient photographic potential combined with comfort of work and durability. All this makes the ShenHao HZX45-IIA a natural choice for both professionals and advanced amateurs desiring to enjoy the possibility of unbridled creation using the extreme quality of large format cameras.  

The potential of the camera is increased by the fact that the fomat of negative can easily be changed from 4x5 inch to 9x12 cm by a simple change of film holder. What is more, roll cassettes enabling the use of 120 type film that de facto turn the camera into a medium format or panoramic one are also available. This way we get the potential of a whole range of cameras without the need to change the optics. Regardless of whether you are working with sheet film or 120 type film, all the time you can use the whole range of movements offered by the amazingly flexible construction of the camera. 

Unquestionable style and beauty

Thanks to the fact durable and at the same time beautiful materials (black walnut and copper alloy) were used as well as to the careful, well thought out design, the Shen Hao HZX45-IIA is not only extremely functional and practical but also exquisitely beautiful and immediately draws attention with its appearance. And though looks may not be the most important, we are all sensitive to beauty. 

Technical data

Camera type: folding field camera

Bellows extention: 50-360mm

Weight/dimensions: 2,4kg, 170x170x100mm

Front standard movements: upwards shift: 37mm,downwards shift: 32mm, forward tilt: 90°, backward tilt: 45°, swing: 17° both ways

Rear standard movements: upwards shift: 45mm, sideways shift: 40mm in both directions, swing: 20° in both directions, forward tilt: 90°, backward tilt: 20°

Negative size:
4x5 inches

Materials: black walnut and copper alloy

The delivery time for the camera is approximately 4 weeks

The lens shown in the photographs is not part of the set offered for sale


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