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If you have had enough of typical courses with participants diligently copying negatives previously prepared by the tutor and all leaving the workshop with identical pictures that are not really theirs; if you don’t want to go for a course lasting from 10a.m. till 6 p.m. where the cleaning lady pointedly enters the room half an hour before the end, we have a perfect offer for you.

What we invite you to take part in is a three day long oilprinting field workshop entirely devoted to oilprinting, during which you will not only use ready made negatives but you will also be able to print your own negatives, which you will copy, with the assistance of an experienced instructor, as oilprints at the same time learning the secrets of the oilprinting technique and creating unique prints. The fact, that the workshop lasts four days means that participants will not only have an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the technique, but will really be able to get practice and confidence with the technique; something that is priceless with manipulative techniques such as oilprinting. Constant assistance of the instructor means that errors will be noticed and corrected instantly.

Oilprint is one of the most important alternative processes, popular especially with the great pictorial photographers. It allows unrivalled manual control over the final appearance of the print combined with a wonderful rendition of details. Experience acquired with oil printing will also prove priceless when you try the sister process of bromoil.

We will begin the workshop by learning how to prepare our own materials, especially the papers which will later be used to create the prints. After all, being able to prepare your materials well is one of the most important skills, without which one can hardly think of being trully independent. There will also be an opportunity to briefly introduce the technique and explain the mechanism by which an image is created.

The remaining time will be devoted to learning the secrets of oilprinting, mastering different approaches and methods of working with the process; each of them allowing the photographer to achieve different results. There will also be an opportunity to print your own digital negatives so that in addition to learning the process, you will be able to produce prints of your own images.

Just in case, practice negatives from the instructor as well as prepared papers will be available.

All the necessary materials will be available as well as facilities needed to make prints. We will also have facilities for printing large format negatives from digital files so that the workshop will not be limited to the lucky owners of large format cameras.

The fee covers:

  • cold and hot drinks,
  • ready-made oilprinting papers,
  • watercolour papers suitable for oilprinting.
  • all the materials needed to prepare oilpapers and make oilprints,
  • printing inks and all necessary printing tools,
  • UV light source for exposing the images,
  • computers with image editing software for preparing digital negatives,
  • materials neede to print large format negatives from digital filas (6pcs per participants),
  • constant assistance of an experienced instructor.

Instructor: Radosław Brzozowski

Language: English and Polish

maximum number of participants: 6

Next workshop: 25-27 February 2022

Location: Gdynia, premises of Tricity School of Photography, ul Świętojańska 100/6. Nearest airport: Gdańsk Rębiechowo.

About the location: The workshop is held in Gdynia, where unlimitted access to the darkroom in the Tricity School of Photography will be provided.

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