Gum bichromate (gumprinting) workshop

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Gum bichromate is one of the oldest photographic techniques, older than the silver gellatine print most of us know. At the same time it is a pictorial technique, allowing the photographer a considerable degree of freedom of manipulation while creating the final print and thus enabling him to create visual effects unavailable in other techniques. It was, one could argue, created as an antidote to the mechanical perfection of reproduction and lack of ability to manipulate the resulting image in the other early photographic processes and as such it still works perfectly in the age of mechanical perfection of digital photography.

As it requires much more work than silver or iron based techniques, gumprint was, with time, almost entirely replaced by the much less time consuming silver gellatine print which, in turn, lost its position to digital images. Yet today, when we have become tired of the super saturated, technically perfect digital images, gumprint has once more proved to be a perfect solution.

Gum bichromate prints are unique and even their author is unable to make an identical copy; a quality that makes gumprints highly collectible and increases their value. The time and work required to create a single print also foster a special emotional reaction with one’s work.

Our workshop is designed for all those who seek something different than the mechanical repetition of technically perfect, emotioneless prints, desiring the creation of each of their pictures to reflect their involvement and passion.

The programme includes:

  • theoretical introduction,
  • preparing paper for gumprinting,
  • presentation of gumprints,
  • tips on preparing negatives for gumprinting,
  • making a multilayred gumprint,
  • assessment of prints made during the workshop.
  • detailed handout

The following will be available during the workshop:

  • All the materials required for gumprinting, including gellatine sized papers and necessary chemicals,
  • fully equipped darkroom,
  • workshop negatives for gumprinting
  • facilities to print a digital workshop negative from participant’s own file (2 pcs),
  • hot drinks (tea and coffee),

What you will learn:

  • to prepare paper for gumprinting,
  • to prepare negatives for gumprinting,
  • to make a multilayered, monochromatic gumprint,
  • to prepare prints for display.

Duration: 16 hours (Saturday – Sunday)

Number of participands: 6

Instructor: Radosław Brzozowski

Language: English and Polish

Date: 4-5 September 2021

Location: Tricity School of Photography, 100 Świętojańska St, Gdynia, Poland

Nearest airport: Gdańsk Rębiechowo, Poland


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