MYLAR A® - A3+, 0,075mm

Shipping time 7 dni

MYLAR A® is a transparent, flexible poliester film based on politereftalan which becomes milky and less translucent withgrowing thickness. In alternative photography it is used, first of all in making multilayeredcarbon transfers or while making double transfer carbon prints when it is literally indispensable.

Mylar film is also an excellent solution that can be used for drying all gelatin based materials without danger that they will remain stuck to the  surface used for drying them at the end of the process. It may, for example, be used for drying fibre based papers or obtaining glossy surface of carbon transfer prints.

This film is also used when preparing home made silver gelatin photographic papers, for example using the POP emulsions. It can also be used in every situation when we are worried that the material we are about to dry may get stuck to the surface it is being dried on. Using the Mylar film makes it essentially impossible. 

The price is for one A3+ sheet (min 35x45 cm)


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