Saltprinting starter kit

Brand: Szlachetna Fotografia
Shipping time 7 dni

An opportunity to move back to the very beginning of photography; saltprint, invented by Talbot, was the first method of making prints from photographic negatives. Of course, originally Talbot used paper negatives, now photographic films or even digitally printed transparencies can be used for making prints.

Images printed in this technique are characterized by delicate brown hues and permanence. They tone easily allowing the photographer to obtain a range of colours.

The kit contains

  • 50 ml of sensitizer (an amount sufficient to make about 50 13x18 prints),
  • 20 A5 sheets of paper appropriate for the process,
  • sodium thiosulphate sufficient to make two litres of fixer,
  • sodium chloride necessary for salting the paper
  • saltprinting manual.


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